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Alberto, Alex, Ambra, Andre, Andrea, Antonio, Barbara, Carlotta, Cecilia, Chiara, Claudia, Deborah, Elisa, Elisabetta, Enrico, Felicia, Francesco, Gabriele, Giovanni, Giuseppe, Irene, Lorenzo, Luca, Manuela, Marco, Massimo, Michela, Olivia, Sara, Silvio, Simone, Valentina...are friends of Francesco, who from Florence, the province and beyond, keep in touch and meet.


On WhatsApp it has been created some groups, for example “Friends in Florence” has currently about 30 members and is open to anyone wishing to join in the spirit of friendship, kindness and fun.


Alberto and Francesco are the administrators of groups of friends and make contact with the new friends you can write a message to the e-mail
Follow the 'inclusion of the applicant's phone number in the selected group and then the first meeting with the participants in the group, in the Florentine area.

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