The anger of this desert
Like a concert, in open air
Signals the end of an era
And beginning of another
like a reality that turns
On itself, suppressed
Not tamed, never shaken
Doesn’t ever change, and you know
That you go we don’t yet know
A strange but true mystery
A candle that you blow out sooner or later
But we will blow it out much later.
Never before, the top
Can always be there
Arrive at the destination
Like a wheel
Sooner or later is empty
His anger
In the race and never lost
We turn, you want,
Guide it, we will know, we have to
In the obligation of life, we will remain.
But always at our best
Without ever losing
Without giving up
Without rewarding
It’s very strength to the enemy,
Hidden in the shadow of our misfortune
We will live, we will know
Understand who/what is behind the evil
The truth
Sooner or later will come afloat
And we will understand what to do
Where to go
How to live.
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In anger drown all of my thoughts
They would be sincere
Yes, but with the hard work you do, you know
That you will take the path if you want
Otherwise nothing
However don’t ever be
The loser
Because victory over evil
Is the only way
Determined wake
To be well, you should
Knowing it is already just
Everything goes without saying
But if you have a mind that goes beyond
You move more securely between hearts
Towards a direction of hope
Against the empty abyss
Of values and conscious
That guide our hearts
Towards the lights that shine and fast
Ignite our souls
Still on the ground, without senses
Bad luck is not of us,
Because if you have the desire to react
In the action against the adversity you’ll wake up,
Infinite sensations of pure fear
That last
‘take care’
Of us
Born again like flowers
In the Spring of our hopes
Between dreams and hopes
Wandering in the ‘City of Happiness’
That does not want to be destroyed
If we will want it
At least this will be
Our force, our fortress.


On a carpet of feelings
Walks evil
That drowns our hopes
In a sea of why..
Life opens on the horizon
Beyond the sky
Go the dreams chained to the needs
Of roads more true and just.
Human heat turned on again
Our passions
Flying beyond any mystery
And discover a river of hidden feelings.
Evil burns in a fire
Of revolution.
I feed myself with perseverance and commitment
And when it will go out
Another challenge will be transformed
In scintillating victory:
Liberation from a dark
And terrifying destiny,
The hope that all will come back pure:
The end of evil.


Like a force of nature
I’m not afraid
Of error
That meeting and collision
Shot-down rejection
I don’t care what evil is worth
The sin – who breaks
My run is onset, I know
And the run must be rerun
Never with the heart in the grip
Must never end
Like a train – never tame
A cathedral of dreams between thoughts
Dies the yesterday on the rebirth of tomorrow
High, never removed, in the sign of victory
In history, no one should ever die in vain
And I look ahead
Never happy
I continue – meanwhile
Love – time – heart
Everything passes – that nothing may
Ever violate the justice that rules
On this earth, in this era.

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