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It’s logical to evolve: we need to have this mentality, one which doesn’t know and doesn’t ever give up voluntarily. Yeah, in the life of a "winning" evolver there are many paths to say ‘enough’ to the everyday errors: to evolve it may be enough to not get involved. One less error is already a win for you.

Motivation, concentration, determination, consistency, and passion are, obviously like stones, the farm most sincere for an evolution. Assured and without additional problems.

If you want, you can !

 That’s how it is: desire itself is the point of strength of the man who wants to evolve. On the contrary, weakness and uncertainty make a trampoline to launch (into empty space) those who like self-destruction. 

I tell you, it is necessary to construct moderately passionate situations everyday to live an ‘ascending’ life. Even anger is useful to push us to improvement; this way, like offenses and slander against yourself help you to react (with the force of want and with a positive mentality), pushing you towards your original objectives. 

Evolving is a right but also a duty of everyone: those who don’t participate or those who are lazy do not want to contribute to the growth and improvement of this society. If you stay the way you are, you’ll see things negatively, if you improve yourself, these things already become more positive.

Jealousy is the worst flaw because it destroys interpersonal relationships.

Children love kites: with dreams they fly beyond their needs.

If you are at peace with yourself, others will be as well: for sure, it’s mathematical.

by Your Francesco Saverio Boni

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