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  • HULKEN aka F.S.B. creative, establish philosophy in industrial amounts: here's a valiant taste.
  • As a good (well enough!) psychologist, i commend you all a good book of the psychological field , without naming names nor advertise anything or anyone. :)
  • then...LET‘S GO !
  • "there are no longer races in nations"
  • "To kill all (or at least one) of the utopias is our dream!"
  • Saying of the year: "If we insist on the good, it will cancel out our negative situations."
  • "The more you life you spend in apnea today, the more you will be happy you will be to return into the superficial tomorrow."
  • "Who lived just hoping, died with little to nothing in hand."
  • "To do (all) things well, passion must (always) be with you."
  • "The real happiness is internal, not external."
  • "Searching to accumulate a certain quantity of experiences before drawing definitive conclusions is good habit."
  • "Life seems unfair? But if everyone lives it as their true self in the end there will be righteousness and positivity for all."
  • "All problems are wiped out upon birth."
  • "Who lives too much on illusions dies in illusion."
  • "Few experience = problems of existence."
  • "In life it’s always seriousness that pulls us out of stupidity and banality."
  • "Direct initiative": this is the road where we run fastest and most sure of ourselves...
  • "Without humility each of us will be treated badly by who-knows-what!)"
  • "Work, sports, friends (also one but which is more true and sincere with 1000 confidants) and sinking in will be impossible."
  • "Vanish the fears, barriers collapse here!"
  • "A little humility = happiness; too much pride= unhappiness."
  • "Never say never!!! The truth is always hidden by a vision of a more superficial life."
  • "Too be well, you must think of pleasant things..."
  • "Take a moment. A nice one, before it escapes."
  • "Sometimes difficult moments are just brief and resolvable."
  • "He who has lots of life will bring you to reach great things, death to the desolate !"
  • "Evil is like a boomerang: it always comes back to he who throws it."

by Your Francesco Saverio Boni

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