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And now, exclusively
the great mind: Ciccio Pasticcio !

Ciccio Pasticcio enters the supermarket called
"Beat em up if" and sees the fish then the gluttonous pastry department with no guard :
The opportunity is too hard to resist for the king of binge. So uncivilly and without holding back, he kicked and punched all of the display cases. A cashier becomes aware of what happened and she smashes a very heavy chestnut flavored cassata into his face...!

Right there in the middle of everything such a thing would happen to Ciccio Pasticcio! For the second round two firefighters are involved,
angry like no other… instead of using the most high-end reinforcement :
(the budget is tight!)! they start throwing desserts. "Kalashinikov" Ciccio, even more than dense like usual! At this point a reserve from “beat ‘em up if” gets involved...: yes, precisely he : the fearless-until-foolish
“Johnny-hang-the-clothes” – the nickname given to him by his own mother, blind, but so blind that when she saw him without her glasses she’ d confuse him for his sister Gisella!

At this point Johnny-Hang-The-Clothes does more harm than good, he slips on a banana peel, and to avoid messing up, freely slaps everyone present, Shoping that Ciccio is in the pile of clients and, the icing on tip (yes the very cake that Ciccio gobbled up!)

Breaks up register number 17 to exercise other possible unlucky occasions and inconveniences of the case.
(He has a little bit of logic, given the fact that Friday the 17th isn’t a day to party! *In Italian culture Friday the 17th is unlucky like Friday the 13th).

The careless kid (XXXXL), in the meantime, amongst all of this mess, understood that the time had come also to clean the frozen section – in less than 15 minutes the “kid’s” stomach appeared like a fat man in a tank top ready to burst (definitely this time)!!!!!! Now Ciccio is at the ropes again: the bouncers of the Saint Horace church take over. The game is direct: Ciccio is screwed! Of course… and here’s the good part:

The improvising and drifting bouncers, after all of this big scene, improvise a nice and slightly extreme ice-skating on the whipped cream on the ground from that great mind Ciccio Pasticcio!

The results are great: Ciccio escapes like a lame rabbit while the ‘militants’ remain enchanted by the skating show: eliminated!!

The deed is done: booty of 1000 euros in the stomach. The classic perfect crime, no crumb of evidence to be discovered by the investigators!

Lets get to the end: In all of this mess, who made the biggest fool of themself?

Voting together, you will arrive at a hilarious result of who lost this half-wrestling match, not (,thank God,) in blood but in the style of sweets!

Author Mark P.

if you had not yet another satisfied very funny story alongside in area antics ! :-)

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